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What do our future customers look like? Where are we going to find our workers?

17 August, 2015

Dr Ganesh Nana presented data and graphs that illustrated what the hospitality economy currently looks like, what the future will look like and an insight...more

Why Choose Hospitality?

17 August, 2015

Keynote speaker, Vincent Lombino, International Hospitality Entrepreneur. Vincent Lombino chose hospitality quite early in his life, his journey to hospitality success started when he was...more

Losing 44% of your customers would be a big deal right?

17 August, 2015

Getting your music right makes a HUGE difference. Seriously, if you’re not playing the right music 44% of your customers may leave! Not taking...more

The ‘must do’s ‘before you sign

17 August, 2015

By Nick Fagerlund, Legal Advisor Frequently members will enter into contracts for all types of arrangements.  These contracts can be small or large and...more

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